Asia Pacific Rainforest Initiative (Pre-Event for Asia Pacific Rainforest Summit in Indonesia 2018)

A session by Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Republic of Indonesia

Date : Wednesday, 15 November 2017
Time : 13.00 – 14.30
Venue : Indonesia Pavilion at COP 23, Bonn Zone, Number A02, Bonn, Germany

Asia Pacific Rainforest Initiative is an international forum to address the important of rainforest values to support human life. This forum is the pre-event for Asia Pacific Rainforest Summit in 2018.

Protecting forest and people, supporting economic growth is the theme of the 2018 Asia-Pacific Rainforest Summit, which will be held in Yogyakarta, Indonesia on 23-25 April 2018. Hosted by the Government of Republic of Indonesia and supported by the Government of Australia, and CIFOR the Summit will bring together policy makers in Asia Pacific Region, business leaders, researchers, and society to address and demonstrate the important role of forest in supporting life of human being and the planet. Million people depend on rainforest resource not only as a place to live but also in supporting economic growth. Rainforest absorb carbon and maintain global carbon cycle balanced in the atmosphere.  The current trend and condition of rainforest and resource, however, are declining due to unsustainable practice and use of forest resource.

Paris Agreement has established an integrated approach to deal with climate change and protecting people in terms of mitigation, adaptation and mean of implementation. In addition, Paris Agreement provides a mechanism under REDD+ on how rainforest could also enhance people prosperity through working together with international community for the benefit of all.

There will be prominent speakers and resource person to share knowledge for giving solution from around the world including Minister of Forestry of Republic of Fiji, Minister of Environment and Energy of Australia, Minister of Environment and Forestry of Republic of Indonesia, CIFOR, FAO, researchers and experts.

The summit covers various topics from global and regional perspectives to local solution at national and local levels including forest and NDC, restoration and sustainable management of peatlands; mangrove and blue carbon; community forest; eco tourisms and conservation of biodiversity; and production forest.

This session brings together policy makers, researchers, corporation and society to address the important of protecting forest and people to support economic growth.



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