Enroute to the Implementation of Low Emission Development 2030 Targets : Lesson-learned from Implementing Pre-2020

A session by Ministry of National Development Planning (Bappenas)

Date : Monday, 14 November 2016
Time : 16.10 – 17.30 GMT
Venue : Indonesia Pavilion at COP22, Marrakech, Morocco


In advance of the COP 21, countries have submitted intended nationally determined contributions (INDC) as part of their commitment to achieve the global target of staying below 2 degrees. INDC’s are currently in the process of being translated into nationally determined contributions (NDCs). Within the process countries will prepare and formulate Roadmap for NDC implementation. These will serve as guidance to translate targets into concrete policies and projects and map out needs to covered through external and domestic resources.

At this stage it is critical to revisit experiences gained in the context of implementing pre-2020 targets. Many developing and emerging countries have already shown advanced commitment through implementing domestic mitigation and adaptation actions. Within this process countries have invested significant resources in building up domestic institutional structures (planning, MRV, Finance) and gained first-hand experience in formulating and implementing projects. Evaluating those will be key as countries plan for NDC-implementation.

Indonesia itself has committed to reduce its GHG emissions by -26 with domestic resources and up to -41% with international resources below BAU by 2020. As such it has taken an active stance in contributing to global goal of staying below 2 degrees.

Against this background the panel with gather representatives from a diverse set of countries to provide a forum to:

  • Stock-take lessons-learned and experiences in implementing pre-2020 actions
  • Document achievements as of to date
  • Provide a way forward for NDC implementation






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