National Determined Contribution (NDC) Development and Role of Global NDC Partnership

Date : Wednesday, 9 November 2016
Time : 09.00 – 10.30 GMT
Venue : Indonesia Pavilion at COP22, Marrakech, Morocco


The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) establishes the basic principles andbgoals for future international agreements on climate change. However, incorporating the ambitious policies and provisions of the UNFCCC into a binding global agreement has proven incredibly challenging. The top-down approach of prior eras through a comprehensive international climate agreement (the Kyoto Protocol) must be both updated and shifted towards a more bottom-up approach, which provide all Parties the flexibility and the opportunity to pursue their national strategies and solutions that best accommodate their unique interests and priorities.

The outcome of COP 21 consists of 140 points and 20 pages and the actual text of the Paris Agreement (29 articles) as an annex to the decision. The Paris Agreement provides a framework for global actions to address climate change in the period after 2020 with its objective is to keep global average temperature increases below two degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, whilst making efforts to limit the increase to 1.5 degrees.

One of the emerge decisions in COP21 is National Determined Contributions, or NDC, which mandated both by the COP21 decisions and in Paris Agreement as an Annex to the decisions.

Responding to current progress in ratification process as well as the NDC development in some countries, it is crucial to identify the challenges and gaps in the bottom up approach in combating climate change through the commitments or pledges in submitted INDC and NDC documents.

DRC, Columbia, Vietnam and Indonesia are developing countries which in one hand have similarity in terms of national priorities and development strategies but in the other hand are diverse in terms of national approaches and other national issues relating to NDC implementation. The Government of Germany will be invited to share their view on the NDC in particular their point of view in terms of support provided from developed country parties in NDC implementation in developing country parties, in particular Global NDC Partnership.

This session is intended to provide opportunity for these countries to share their experiences in developing NDC taking into account their respective national context and circumstances as well as country sovereignty. Having discussion on this crucial issue will be beneficial for any parties to build common understanding on the NDC itself and its implementation in the near future.


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