REDD+  and Paris Agreement : Moving Forward with Concrete Actions

A session by Ministry of Environment and Forestry

Date : Friday, 12 November 2016
Time : 13.00 – 14.30 GMT
Venue : Indonesia Pavilion at COP 22, Marrakech, Morocco



Since its first introduction in to UNFCCC’s COP agenda, in COP-11 held in Montreal in   2005 under the name Reducing Emission from Deforestation in Developing Countries (RED), until it evolve into REDD+ during the COP-13 in Bali, the philosophical foundation of REDD+ is to find solution in reducing deforestation in developing countries while keeping the countries’ national development. With the background of this philosophy being agreed upon in Bali Action Plan, REDD+ serve as policy approaches aimed to provide pocitivess incentives to developing countries. Through long negotiations during COPs under UNFCCC, RED was then evoluted into REDD and later become REDD+ have been an agreed concept under COP as actions with a national approach (not project-based approach), and the Parties in accordance with their sovereignty can arrange in what level the implementation is suitable.

This session is to provide update with the progress on REDD+ readiness for full implementation – based on experiences by some developing countries and developing partner, and discuss on the challenges from each country in moving forward and achieiving result-based payment, as well as sharing views about the future of REDD+ post Paris Agreement.




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