Youth Actions on Climate Change : Indonesia’s Creativity

A session by Ministry of Environment and Forestry

Date : Friday, 12 November 2016
Time : 12.00 – 13.00 GMT
Venue : Indonesia Pavilion at COP22, Marrakech, Morocco


Out of 84 million Indonesia’s children, only few who has interest on the environmental topic and the climate change issues.  They are busy with their social life and would be prefer social media which is very interesting and fun.  Wildan and Rafa stand for their belief that protecting the environment is very important aspect in our daily life.  It is time to take real action, creating creativity initiative to protect the environment in Indonesia.  As Indonesian children, they are proud to be part of it.  Wildan has created an environmental film to educate other children about flood, fire and how we take a lesson learn out of it.  Rafa has observed for years that electronic waste (e-waste) is very dangerous and need to be managed properly.  He started his innovation with school project and write scientific book titled ‘E-Waste”. He did not stop it.  He has continued to socialize e-waste from one school to another and creating “#ewasteRJdropzone” to collect e-waste which placed in several areas in Jakarta, Indonesia. Total e-waste collected from November 2015 till October 2016 is 637,35 kg.


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