Youth Actions on Climate Change after Paris Agreement

Date : Thursday, 17 November 2016
Time : 10.40 – 12.00 GMT
Venue : Indonesia Pavilion, Pavilion 3, Blue Zone Area COP 22 – Marrakech, Morocco


Climate change is the biggest challenge human history has ever faced. Keeping global temperature rise to 2oC and pursue it further to 1,5oC will mean that everybody in this planet needs to do their parts to contribute to cut greenhouse gas emissions. The world has adopted the Paris Agreement at COP21 in Paris last year, and it can serve as a solid foundation for global climate actions, not only for the governments but also for the non-state actors, including youth.

Youth have a lot of stakes related to climate change as they will be the one who experience the worst impacts of climate change in the future if we do not take enough actions. It makes sense to say that the young generation today are faced with a fact that their future will depend on the scale and ambitions of actions taken today.

As one of the main actors in climate change, youth’s voice need to be heard. Indonesia Pavilion has curated several youth climate activists from both developed and emerging countries. They will have 10 minutes to say their own voices about climate change. Let’s hear what these youths have to say to answer these three questions:

  1. What are their personal hopes for their countries in terms of climate actions?
  2. In their opinions, what kind of real actions can be conducted by youth in their countries?
  3. And what are the challenges and the opportunities for them to conduct climate actions?




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