Innovative Financing for Climate Actions


Date : Friday, 10 November 2017
Time : 09.00 – 10.30
Venue : Indonesia Pavilion at COP 23, Bonn Zone, Number A02, Bonn, Germany


The Paris Agreement identified the significance of conservation and restoration initiatives as part of international climate change mitigation and adaptation actions. From a financial mechanism perspective, the challenge is to ensure that the impacts created during project funding resonate even beyond the project expiry period; aiming for sustainability that is sustainable. How can we maximize the impact of conservation efforts to continue to cultivate and deliver tangible results for landscapes and communities? On the other hand, it is of paramount priority to note that the needs arising from restoration efforts could never be burdened to one single actor; it needs continuous support and joint forces from multiple stakeholders.

This panel will review the role of sustainable landscape financing in supporting successful landscape conservation programmes, and its role in providing innovative solutions to continuously generate safety-nets of positive impacts for the ecological, social, and economic aspects. An innovative concept for implementation of sustainable landscape financing that embeds a landscape window, strategic window, and potential public-private partnership window from Belantara Foundation will be discussed during the session.

Furthermore, this panel will also present a financial instrument developed by KEHATI Foundation in collaboration with Indonesia Stock Exchange (the SRI-KEHATI Index) in 2009 that can facilitate capital owners to perform green investment that will contribute to the national sustainable economic development. Green investment classified as investing their capital in companies that apply principles of Sustainable and Responsible Investment (SRI), such as the principles of good corporate governance in their management, following the norms of human rights, community involvement, human resources and have good corporate ethics & conduct acceptable at national and international standard.

As aligned with the Indonesian Financial Services Authority (OJK) will launch a framework and regulation for green bond issuance in 2018. KEHATI is initiating to participate in the development of the green bond mechanism.



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