Mainstreaming Climate Change into Educational System

A session by Ministry of Environment and Forestry

Date : Wednesday, 8 November 2017
Time : 13.00 – 14.30
Venue : Indonesia Pavilion at COP 23, Bonn Zone, Bonn, Germany


As the fourth most populous country in the world, with 51% of its population below age 29, education is a crucial aspect to maintain Indonesia’s economic growth and to keep pace with sustainability of the environment. This panel session will deliver a few key activities that have been done by stakeholders in Indonesia to ensure the investment in the education system consistently supports the nation’s commitment to implement low carbon development.

Bogor Agricultural University as a leader for agricultural and natural sciences education in Indonesia is currenty developing an academic curriculum in Terrestrial Carbon Accounting (TCA) to support land use sector transparency.  Terrestrial carbon accounting is the complex technical practice of tracking emissions and removals in the land-use sector. Unlike other sectors, which are frequently based on discrete technologies, the land use sector has to contend with the extensive degree of natural variability between forest ecosystems, land area data spanning millions of square kilometers, and sometimes subtle changes in carbon emissions. To tackle this challenges, partners in Indonesia, China, and the United States have formed The Carbon Institute, an international academic partnership, dedicated to building Terrestrial Carbon Accounting Certificate programs in each country.

The attempt to contribute to sustainability goals through university-led initiatives has also been successfully carried out by Universitas Indonesia (UI). In 2010, UI initiated a world ranking later known as UI GreenMetric World University Ranking to measure campus sustainability efforts. In 2015, the ranking has ranked 407 universities from 65 countries around the world. This year, the focus on UI GreenMetric is on universities effort to implement policy into action.



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