• Indonesia Pavilion

    COP 28 UNFCCC in Dubai, UAE

    30 November - 12 December 2023


    As Soft Diplomacy’s effort to voice Indonesia’s actions, strategies, and innovation to the international community, as a tangible manifestation of jointly leading climate action

    Promoting the climate change action program by the Indonesian Government together with all parties in a constructive, integrative and elaborative manner.

    Opening opportunities for parties to explore ideas, opportunities, and networks in the context of strengthening efforts to control climate change in Indonesia.



    30 November 2023

    H1 - Rising Tides, Sinking Islands: AIS Forum's Call to Action on Climate Loss and Damage
    H1b. Tropical Forest Power for Climate Partnership
    H2. Increasing Ambitions in Renewable Energy Targets for NDC Acceleration
    H4. CEO Climate Talks: Transforming the Nation to Renewable Energy
    A5 - Blended Finance Strategy in Accelerating National Energy Transition
    D1 - Mangrove Rehabilitation: Reflected the Effort on Climate Change Commitment

    1 December 2023

    A13 - Adoption of transition energy, nature-based solution, and circularity as practical climate change solutions
    D16 - Road to the 10th World Water Forum 2024 “Water for Shared Prosperity”
    C5 - Collaborative Approach On Waste Economic Circularity Towards Climate Action In Indonesia
    C17 - Financing Mechanisms for FOLU Net Sink 2030: Investing for the Future
    B8 - Unlocking the Potentials of Nature Based Solutions, Adaptation and Mitigation of Climate Change
    A8 - Youth and Renewable Energy : Our Hope, Our Action
    C14 - Transforming Organic Waste Towards Regenerative Climate Solutions
    A10. E-Mobility : Balancing Sustainability and Growth in Critical Supply Chains

    2 December 2023

    D9 – Voices of Forest : Amplifying Local Knowledge in Climate Change Adaptation
    A1 - Mainstreaming International Commitment and NDC's Implementation to Strengthen National Ambition
    D13 - Ocean High Level Panel : Embodiment of Blue Economy Through a Sustainable Use of Coastal and Marine Resources to Save the Ocean Environment
    A12 - Renewable Energy’s Role in Green Mineral Downstream Industries
    C4 - Harnessing Potential of Indonesia CCS Development for Carbon Removal Implementation Towards a Cleaner Future
    A4 - Progress of Just Energy Transition Partnership (JETP) Indonesia
    A3 - Community Empowerment for the National Energy Transition

    3 December 2023

    B13 - Protecting and Rehabilitating Mangrove with Community Empowerment
    A2 - Financing of Energy Transition : Balancing Sustainability and Affordability
    A14 - Powering the Future with Renewable Energy Solutions
    A17 - Powering Sustainable Growth
    B7 - Working Across Sector and Ministries for a Comprehensive Landscape Approach
    A7 - Bioenergy Innovations : Robust Solutions for Sustainable Energy Future
    B18 - Ambitious Biodiversity and Green Recovery for Climate Resilience
    C3 - Collective Actions in Decarbonization to Support the Achievement of NDC and Net Zero Emission

    4 December 2023

    C10 - Artificial Intelligence Utilization for Climate-based Health Forecasting
    B4 - Provincial Actors' Roles in Accelerating the Implementation of Indonesia’s FOLU Net Sink 2030 Agenda
    D7 - Community-led Solutions: How Social Forestry is Tackling Climate Change and its Best Practices
    A9 - Clean Air Worldwide : Uniting for a Greener and Healthier Future
    B14 - Towards 2030 : SFM (Sustainable Forest Management) Commitments
    C12 - Paving Transformative Development Through Inclusive Green Economy Framework for Realizing Net Zero Emission
    B10 - Promoting Robust Sustainable Mangrove Ecosystems Governance
    C13 - Scaling up Carbon Neutral to Carbon Negative : Bio-Energy Carbon Capture Storage (BECCS)

    5 December 2023

    C7 - Zero Waste and Zero Emission Goals on Municipal Solid Waste Verte Sac 1,14 rb subscriber Analytics Edit video 0
    B12 - Realizing Net Zero Emissions Indonesia's New Capital City 2045
    C2 - Investing in Nature : Financing Mechanism for Indonesia's FOLU Net Sink 2030
    H3 - Eminent Person Session - H.E. Prof. Ir. Rachmat Witoelar
    A6 - Clean Ammonia Development in Indonesia : Challenges and Opportunities
    B9 - Innovation in Ecosystem Restoration
    A11 - Just and Orderly Transition
    B3 - National Forest Monitoring System and Greenhouse Gasses MRV to Support Indonesia's FOLU Net Sink 2030

    6 December 2023

    C8 - Policy Approaches for Article 6 of the Paris Agreement
    B6 - Biodiversity and Climate Change : Preserving Indonesia's Natural Resources for a Resilient Future
    D3 - Unlocking Women's Potential at the Grassroots Level
    C15 - Green House Gas Emission Reduction Through Optimization of Waste Utilization
    B1 - Forestry Partnership to Support Forestry Landscape Management in Optimizing Forest Land Productivity
    D11 - Coffee in a Changing Climate – Impacts and Solutions
    C11 - Circular Economic Approach in Decarbonizing Hard-to-Abate Fertilizer Industry
    B15 - FOLU Net Sink 2030 from Indonesia for Better Global

    8 December 2023

    D15 - Collaborative Approaches on Strengthening Sustainability in Commodity and Food Systems, Land Use and Restoration Governance through Integrated Landscape Management for Multiple Benefits in Indonesia
    B11 - Watershed Management Improvement through Biodiversity Conservation and Forest Rehabilitation Effort
    D10 - Building Climate Resilient Communities through Formal and Informal Approach
    C6 - Reaching 100% Managed Oceans : Using Ocean Data for Action
    D2 - Reflection on ASEAN Chairmanship 2023 through ASEAN Joint Statement on Climate Change to the COP 28
    B17 - Lesson Learned and Future of Result Based Payment through REDD+ Sub-National Implementation Approach
    D8 - Roadmap and Action Plan of Broader Market Recognition Coalition
    C18 - Proposed of Emission Factor and GHG Emission Reduction Method on Peatland Ecosystem Based on GWL in Tier 3 Measurement

    9 December 2023

    D12 - The Collaboration of Global Interfaith Rainforest Initiative for Climate Action
    C9 - Sustaining Our Seas : Partnerships for a Thriving Blue Carbon Economy
    A16 - Shared Responsibilities and Benefits in Regenerative Forest Business Between Business Actors and Communities
    D14 - Climate and Urban Culture: Asian Perspective
    D5 - Integrated Sustainable Bamboo Management for Climate Resilience : The Standards and Best Practices
    B2 - Mangrove Ecosystem Governance and Rehabilitation : Implementing Commitment and Enhancing Climate Resilience
    B16 - Innovations in Sustainable Forest Management : Balancing Economic Growth and Environmental Conservation
    C1 - Combating Climate Change Through Community Based Climate Actions

    10 December 2023

    A15 - Renewable Energy Spotlight : Shaping a Sustainable Future
    B5 - ASEAN Coordinating Centre for Transboundary Haze Pollution Control : Towards FOLU Net Sink 2030 and Haze Free ASEAN by 2030
    D18 - The Power of the Religious Teachings toward Climate Justice
    D6 - Promoting Good Forestry Governance in Managing Production and Protection Forests
    C16 - Unleash the Potential : Exploring Carbon Trade Opportunities in Indonesia
    D17 - Climate Change Litigation : Lesson Learned From Indonesia

    11 December 2023

    B19 - Bolstering Youth Climate Action on Global North and Global South
    D19 - Indonesian Youth Actions on Climate : Creating A Better Future
    D4 - Implementation of Indonesia’s Standard for Carbon Market


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