Collaborative Climate Actions Legislative and Executive Continuous Supports
10.10 – 11.10

Collaborative Climate Action across different government levels, sectors and stakeholder groups is key to achieving the urgently needed transformation towards sustainable and greenhouse gas neutral economies and societies. Transforming structures, patterns of usage, density, transport and mobility systems, developing circular economies, and achieving behaviour change among citizens requires including all relevant actors, engaging in longer-term, transparent and foreseeable planning processes, fostering a culture of mutual respect, openness to learning and change, and overcoming fear and scepticism. Collaborative Climate Action needs leadership that balances direction, inclusion and service.


Through communication, coordination and cooperation across levels, sectors and stakeholder groups Collaborative Climate Action enables a systemic, holistic approach to transformation. Continuous supports for Legislative and Executive to collaborate on climate action be the critical transformative leverage for realising ever more ambitious climate action – NDCs and long-term strategies – that delivers on the Paris Agreement’s goals. In the spirit of ambition and partnership, any supports for Legislative and Executive collaboration helps identified transformative strategies in a range of sectors, factors of success and failure, methods for replication as well as scaling and speeding up climate action through enhanced coordination and cooperation.


This session entitles “Indonesia efforts to combating Environment and Forestry Related Crimes” by presenting political and Judicial supports from the perspective of Legislative:

  1. Converting Illegal Activities into Productive and Sustainable Livelihoods
  2. Inter-agencies Coordination to Improve the Effectiveness of Law Enforcement in Forestry Sector
  3. Mobilising Social Capital to Support Forestry Law Enforcement
  4. Political Dimensions of Forestry Law Enforcement
  5. Converting Illegal Activities into Productive and Sustainable Livelihoods